Jason Charles Miller Heads Into the Wasteland in ‘Get Thee Behind Me’

Just because a song has a banjo in it does not make it Country. The lack of a banjo or steel guitar for that...

Murder In The Front Row and New York Comic Con 2019: The Tribes Have...

The panel did more than wax nostalgic for the good ole days. These weren’t has-beens bemoaning a lost era, but a collection of fans, successful in multiple fields, who celebrate the community that brought them and millions more together in a time of their lives where just “belonging” was a life line.

The Mongols Have Conquered New Jersey: The Hu Live at the Stone Pony –...

I thought I had seen everything until I saw the HU, Metal as anything and absolutely thrilling. The videos are stunning, the album is tremendous, but the live performance is astonishing, exceeding every expectation I might have had tenfold. As promised in the song "Wolf Totem," they obliterate. Easily within the top five live performances I have ever seen. Not to be missed.

Sir Christopher Lee: Charlemagne “The Bloody Verdict of Verden”

Ancient Vampire, Sith Lord, Bond Villain, LoTR Villain, villain, villain and more villains, Sir Christopher Lee was a prolific and gifted actor, real life Special Forces veteran and Nazi Hunter who thought about becoming an opera singer. He didn’t become the opera singer, but he did put out some Metal albums – in his nineties!
black keys lets rock

The Black Keys: Let’s Rock Album Review

In League with Dragons is a great album that adds a more mystical undertone to the traditional Mountain Goats style, and is a great listen for fan or newcomer alike. 

BAT!: Tainted Love Music Video

I strongly suspect that the only reason that Charlie reviewed Bat! and the album “Bat Music for Bat People” was because he saw the word “bat,” and as the caped vigilante fanboy such as he is, just had to check it out.
Diamond Head 2019

Diamond Head: The Coffin Train Album Review

Fans of the band, as well as other bands from the NWoBHM, will enjoy The Coffin Train; fans of “Am I Evil,” you’re not going to find what you’re looking for here, but I’m not sure that you’re going to that anywhere…
Paul Gilbert Guitar Behold Electric Guitar

Paul Gilbert: ‘Behold Electric Guitar’ Album Review

There's no denying that Paul Gilbert can out-shred even the best of six-string slingers, but the man can jam too; Behold Electric Guitar features a well-crafted collection of swinging and shuffling tracks that'll appeal especially to guitar players and those who have heard of, or attended, G3.
Flesh & Bone by Whitesnake 2019

Whitesnake: Flesh & Blood Album Review

Get out your denim jackets, leather pants, and hairspray; Whitesnake’s back. Flesh & Blood plays like a classic Whitesnake album that’ll leave long-time listeners satisfied. If you’re looking for something new, look elsewhere.
Bat! Bat Music for Bat People

Bat!: Bat Music for Bat People Album Review

Bat Music for Bat People is Bat!’s debut, and it is an impressive one; packed with Gothic imagery, great riffs, and catchy melodies, this album is not to miss.