Moving on from Dark Universe, Ryan Gosling Cast as Universal’s New Wolfman

Shockingly, we have Universal Studios to thank for bringing the eclectic world of horror fandom into the mainstream.

‘The Wrong Missy’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Only a movie from the Happy Madison production company could design something like this, which as of the writing of this review, is sitting...

‘All Day and a Night’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

As of this week, the top ten most-streamed items on Netflix is dull list; last week’s Dangerous Lies is still there, along with a...

‘Dangerous Lies’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Every week or so, Netflix releases anywhere between one and four original movies; for everyone stuck at home right now, me included, that leaves...

‘Bad Education’ (2020): HBO Original Review

In my previous reviews of movies based on real-life events, I always pose the same question: why make a movie, and not a documentary?...

‘Extraction’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

The evolution of the action genre throughout the twenty-first century has been interesting. In the early 2000s, action movies followed the same path laid...

‘Sergio’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Sergio doesn’t have much to say, and it shows. Instead of telling a story about the real man, a hero of human rights and icon of diplomacy, the film gives us boring, tension-free romance, and one completely, unnecessarily erotic sex scene for no reason other than to keep our attention a little bit longer. This film is a classic example of having a compelling true story to tell, but not enough drive or passion to tell it properly.

‘Tigertail’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Well produced and directed but lacking any kind of substance from its characters outside cookie cutter dialogue and typical Hollywood schmaltz, Tigertail is a big disappointment.

New to Netflix: April 2020

A curated list of what will be added, as well as a few films we’ve retrospectively reviewed, since it can be so easy to accidentally scroll past a brilliant movie due to the overwhelming amount of choices.

Coffee & Kareem (2020): Netflix Original Review

Entertaining, but shallow, Coffee & Kareem is a fine, eighty-eight-minute romp to watch with some friends while you’re stuck at home. Some good dialogue, decent performances (with Gardenhigh standing out), and a very predictable plot make it a lukewarm addition to the endless stream of similar movies that have come before it.