‘Bad Education’ (2020): HBO Original Review

In my previous reviews of movies based on real-life events, I always pose the same question: why make a movie, and not a documentary?...

‘Extraction’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

The evolution of the action genre throughout the twenty-first century has been interesting. In the early 2000s, action movies followed the same path laid...

‘Sergio’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Sergio doesn’t have much to say, and it shows. Instead of telling a story about the real man, a hero of human rights and icon of diplomacy, the film gives us boring, tension-free romance, and one completely, unnecessarily erotic sex scene for no reason other than to keep our attention a little bit longer. This film is a classic example of having a compelling true story to tell, but not enough drive or passion to tell it properly.

‘Tigertail’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Well produced and directed but lacking any kind of substance from its characters outside cookie cutter dialogue and typical Hollywood schmaltz, Tigertail is a big disappointment.

New to Netflix: April 2020

A curated list of what will be added, as well as a few films we’ve retrospectively reviewed, since it can be so easy to accidentally scroll past a brilliant movie due to the overwhelming amount of choices.

Coffee & Kareem (2020): Netflix Original Review

Entertaining, but shallow, Coffee & Kareem is a fine, eighty-eight-minute romp to watch with some friends while you’re stuck at home. Some good dialogue, decent performances (with Gardenhigh standing out), and a very predictable plot make it a lukewarm addition to the endless stream of similar movies that have come before it.

‘Mortal Kombat’ (1995) – A Video Game Movie That Doesn’t Suck

Mortal Kombat (1995) is a hard-hitting, nostalgia oozing, videogame-inspired blast from the past that makes for a great escape.

‘The Killing of a Sacred Deer’ (2017): Review

Since you almost certainly did not see it when it was released, I urge you to give The Killing of a Sacred Deer a chance. Amazingly directed and acting, the film is a slow, paralyzing nightmare that creeps its way into the depths of your psyche. Although strange, and at times a bit pretentious, this is most certainly one of the most effective films intended to induce discomfort I’ve ever seen.

Netflix Original Film Review: ‘Uncorked’ (2020)

Uncorked, the most recent film produced and released by Netflix, caught my eye for these very reasons, as it’s always exciting to hear a new voice, which, most times, falls victim to the overwhelming drone that is typical Hollywood cinema.

Netflix Original Review: The Platform (2020)

If it weren’t for the bluntness of the message, and the shoehorned, half-baked backstory and religious allegory, I would be singing The Platform’s praises for the next few months. Combine that with a completely humorless tone, and some deeply disturbing imagery, I can’t honestly recommend the film for anyone looking to restore a little faith in their fellow man.