All Together Now Netflix

‘All Together Now’: Netflix Original Movie Review

All Together Now makes a powerful impact in its representation of positive teen relationships, but its attempt to represent more trauma and diversity than the story can handle deters it from reaching its apparent goal of serving as the ultimate "real" teen flick of 2020.

‘Project Power:’ Netflix Original Movie Review

Project Power is a perfectly adequate popcorn movie, and the lead actors do not disappoint. Cheer for the good guys, boo the bad, and be satisfied the regular folk win one for a change.

Review: Netflix’s John Was Trying to Contact Aliens

John Was Trying to Contact Aliens packs an incredible amount of heart and wonder into sixteen minutes. Touching on fascinating psychological, social, and political subjects, this documentary's only flaw is that it does not spend more time exploring each fascinating aspect of John Shepherd's story and its connection with our world.

Blumhouse Announces Eight Picture Deal with Amazon Studios

Blumhouse and Amazon Studios have announced, today, their plan to release eight horror films for streaming--all genre pieces focusing on love and family--effective this October.
Netflix Film: ‘The Old Guard’ Review

Netflix Film: ‘The Old Guard’ Review

The Old Guard is good enough to entertain fans of action adventure as well as satisfy the expectations of followers of the comic book series. Charlize Theron is at her badass best.

Halloween Kills (2021) Teaser Trailer Reveals How Michael Myers Lives On

Halloween (2018), the soft-reboot to the horror franchise that reintroduced the unstoppable Michael Myers, was a fun trip down memory lane with good direction...

Moving on from Dark Universe, Ryan Gosling Cast as Universal’s New Wolfman

Shockingly, we have Universal Studios to thank for bringing the eclectic world of horror fandom into the mainstream.

‘The Wrong Missy’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Only a movie from the Happy Madison production company could design something like this, which as of the writing of this review, is sitting...

‘All Day and a Night’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

As of this week, the top ten most-streamed items on Netflix is dull list; last week’s Dangerous Lies is still there, along with a...

‘Dangerous Lies’ (2020): Netflix Original Review

Every week or so, Netflix releases anywhere between one and four original movies; for everyone stuck at home right now, me included, that leaves...