Kong: Skull Island | Review

Warning: The following review was written by someone who has the original 1933 King Kong in his “Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time” list....
Logan Review | The Brazen Bull

Logan | Review

From that perspective, the previous eight appearances Hugh Jackman has made as Logan have been less than impressive (not that it had anything to do with Jackman's performance), but finally, Marvel has given Logan, and us the fans, the movie we all deserve.

The Great Wall | Review

The things The Great Wall does well, it does very well. It truly is a fantastical film. The visuals are stunning, the weapons and method of fighting are refreshingly creative and exciting to watch, and the costume design is brilliant.

The LEGO Batman Movie | Review

I love children's movies as much as the next guy (check out my review of Moana if you want evidence), but this one fell flat for me.

John Wick: Chapter 2 | Review

Go in knowing what to expect and you won't be disappointed. While it lacks the charm and emotional drive (yes, I cried when they killed his dog and I reveled in every life he took in vengeance) of the original, Chapter 2 proves itself to be a fitting sequel and second installment in a trilogy, or perhaps longer series of films. After all, they made 8 Fast and Furious movies, we can get at least 5 John Wicks right?

The Space Between Us | Review

As for the story itself, it was a great concept with a load of potential. The execution, however, felt rushed and a bit sloppy.

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Underworld Blood Wars

Underworld: Blood Wars is a disappointing addition to a decaying franchise.