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Movie Reviews on The Brazen Bull.

‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Review: Shred’s Not Dead, Dude

Not without its flaws, Bill & Ted Face the Music is self-aware and offers the same goofy fun that made the first two Bill and Ted films enjoyable. If you’re looking for a film to distract you from your heinous—probably pandemic-related—woes, look no further.
Mulan Movie Review

Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Review: Loyal, Brave, & True?

Mulan is the female empowerment film that I wanted but didn’t quite get. There are well-executed parts to film—the acting, costumes, scenery, film score, and (most of) the script—that are worth watching. But, overall, Mulan is best enjoyed after its December streaming date.
The Witches Movie Review

Review: HBO Max’s ‘The Witches’

The Witches is a treat for the eyes, but it misses the mark on both the child and adult levels. It gets an E for Effort... and an A for Octavia Spencer's dancing.
The Trial of the Chicago 7 Movie Review

Review: Netflix’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’

The Trial of the Chicago 7 entertains and challenges, stimulating both the heart and the mind. Whether your take-away is a powerful storytelling experience or a new lens through which to view present-day America, you'll most certainly gain something from watching.
Superintelligence Review

Review: HBO Max’s ‘Superintelligence’

Superintelligence gets points for its fresh genre blend, its fun characters, and the uplifting and thought-provoking lessons we learn by the end. 
Death to 2020 Review

Review: Netflix’s ‘Death to 2020’

Watch Death to 2020 for a laugh and for an appreciation of some fantastic comedians. But don't expect it to make you feel any better, worse, or anything else, about this year.

Netflix’s ‘Hubie Halloween’ Review

Hubie Halloween is a goodmovie to put on in the background while at the dentist--it's not  great but the sporadic funny moment will keep you entertained for the time being.

‘Mortal Kombat’ (1995) – A Video Game Movie That Doesn’t Suck

Mortal Kombat (1995) is a hard-hitting, nostalgia oozing, videogame-inspired blast from the past that makes for a great escape.
Bad Hair Movie Review

Review: Hulu’s ‘Bad Hair’ Takes “Beauty is Pain” to a New Level

Rather than a stereotypical horror film, Bad Hair is an entertaining manifestation of the unrealistic and unfair beauty standards Black women are expected to uphold.
babysitter killer queen movie review

Netflix’s ‘The Babysitter: Killer Queen’ Review

Do I have an irrational and mild fear of lakes, summer camps, and the name Jason? Arguably. Do I love Friday the 13th-themed movies,...