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Movie Reviews on The Brazen Bull.

‘Mortal Kombat’ (1995) – A Video Game Movie That Doesn’t Suck

Mortal Kombat (1995) is a hard-hitting, nostalgia oozing, videogame-inspired blast from the past that makes for a great escape.
Bliss Review

‘Bliss’ Review: Amazon Blends ‘Midnight in Paris’ with ‘Inception’

Bliss delivers the horror in a way you'd never expect, skillfully telling a story that will have viewers questioning what's happening on the screen as well as the nature of reality itself.
vampires vs. the bronx cast holding crosses

Vampires vs. The Bronx Review: Take Back the Neighborhood

Vampires vs. the Bronx is a film everyone can enjoy. There’s creeps. crawls, and a coffin or two. Indulge, they won't bite!

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Chadwick Boseman Delivers a Stunning Final Performance

Teeming with intense performance and thought-provoking commentary, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is a timely and well-crafted cinematic tour de force that’s not to be missed.
All Together Now Netflix

‘All Together Now’: Netflix Original Movie Review

All Together Now makes a powerful impact in its representation of positive teen relationships, but its attempt to represent more trauma and diversity than the story can handle deters it from reaching its apparent goal of serving as the ultimate "real" teen flick of 2020.
Dick Johnson is Dead Review

‘Dick Johnson is Dead’ Review: A Masterful Collision of Family, Love, and Loss

Dick Johnson is Dead needs to be at the top of your Netflix watchlist. It will make you laugh, cry, and everything in between.

‘Pieces of a Woman’ (2020) Review: A Piece or Two is Missing…

Heart-wrenching and intense, but ultimately shallow, Pieces of a Woman is an impressive display of filmmaking and performance that’s missing a few key pieces to truly stun viewers.

‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’ Review: Shred’s Not Dead, Dude

Not without its flaws, Bill & Ted Face the Music is self-aware and offers the same goofy fun that made the first two Bill and Ted films enjoyable. If you’re looking for a film to distract you from your heinous—probably pandemic-related—woes, look no further.
The Trial of the Chicago 7 Movie Review

Review: Netflix’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’

The Trial of the Chicago 7 entertains and challenges, stimulating both the heart and the mind. Whether your take-away is a powerful storytelling experience or a new lens through which to view present-day America, you'll most certainly gain something from watching.

‘The Ultimate Playlist of Noise’ (2021) Hulu Review: Yeah, You’ve Heard This One Before

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is charming and humorous but formulaic, nonetheless. I’m unsure of who this film is for, as there is a good deal of dark and dense material presented in a YA-friendly package that, ultimately, fails to say much of anything other than “Everything will work out, so long as you’re willing to compromise…” With a bit more depth of character and story, this tale would have been significantly better.