Star Wars the Last Jedi

Film Reaction: The Last Jedi

We’re still talking about it, so here is my honest (if otherwise belated) take on the newest installment in what has become nothing less than a pop cultural touchstone: Stars...

The LEGO Batman Movie | Review

I love children's movies as much as the next guy (check out my review of Moana if you want evidence), but this one fell flat for me.

The Space Between Us | Review

As for the story itself, it was a great concept with a load of potential. The execution, however, felt rushed and a bit sloppy.

The Great Wall | Review

The things The Great Wall does well, it does very well. It truly is a fantastical film. The visuals are stunning, the weapons and method of fighting are refreshingly creative and exciting to watch, and the costume design is brilliant.

Kong: Skull Island | Review

Warning: The following review was written by someone who has the original 1933 King Kong in his “Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time” list. I tried to be as...