Nomadland Movie Trailer

‘Nomadland’ Takes Us “Out There”

Nomadland feels like an indie movie, but it delivers big visuals and even bigger emotions. Watch this and you'll want to hit the road for your own courageous adventure.

‘Pieces of a Woman’ (2020) Review: A Piece or Two is Missing…

Heart-wrenching and intense, but ultimately shallow, Pieces of a Woman is an impressive display of filmmaking and performance that’s missing a few key pieces to truly stun viewers.
Judas and the Black Messiah Review

‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ Review: The Title Says It All

Whether you're in it for the suspense, the relationships, the ideologies, or the history, Judas and the Black Messiah will not disappoint

‘The Ultimate Playlist of Noise’ (2021) Hulu Review: Yeah, You’ve Heard This One Before

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is charming and humorous but formulaic, nonetheless. I’m unsure of who this film is for, as there is a good deal of dark and dense material presented in a YA-friendly package that, ultimately, fails to say much of anything other than “Everything will work out, so long as you’re willing to compromise…” With a bit more depth of character and story, this tale would have been significantly better.
Bliss Review

‘Bliss’ Review: Amazon Blends ‘Midnight in Paris’ with ‘Inception’

Bliss delivers the horror in a way you'd never expect, skillfully telling a story that will have viewers questioning what's happening on the screen as well as the nature of reality itself.

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom: Chadwick Boseman Delivers a Stunning Final Performance

Teeming with intense performance and thought-provoking commentary, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom is a timely and well-crafted cinematic tour de force that’s not to be missed.
Death to 2020 Review

Review: Netflix’s ‘Death to 2020’

Watch Death to 2020 for a laugh and for an appreciation of some fantastic comedians. But don't expect it to make you feel any better, worse, or anything else, about this year.
The Midnight Sky Movie Review

Review: Netflix’s ‘The Midnight Sky’

The Midnight Sky starts with familiar ideas but it freshens them up emotionally, scientifically, and cinematically, resulting in a sci-fi drama story that's perfect for viewers in 2020.
Superintelligence Review

Review: HBO Max’s ‘Superintelligence’

Superintelligence gets points for its fresh genre blend, its fun characters, and the uplifting and thought-provoking lessons we learn by the end. 
Mangrove Review

Review: Amazon Prime’s ‘Mangrove’

Although it takes place half a century ago, Mangrove feels relatable in its political relevance and its personal narratives. Come for the story, stay for the unexpected sense of hope that it brings.