Super Sons #1 | Review

Super Sons #1 is fun and entertaining and is exactly the kind of comic that you want you to read when you need a break from the world-ending, super-serious books that we’ve become accustomed to as of late. Super Sons is going to be the book that you look forward to—the book that you save for last so that you can finish the day’s reading with a smile on your face.

Rat Queens Vol. 2 Issue #1 Review

With artwork of excruciating detail and manic energy, Gieni captures the spirit and personality of the Queen with a beauty and simplicity that is easy to enjoy. Wiebe gives us sharp dialogue and expertly turns our expectations upside down.

Batman #19 Review

Packed with non-stop, skull-cracking, back-breaking action, Tom King and David Finch’s Batman #19 is an onslaught of entertainment. This, the fourth chapter of the ‘I Am Bane’ arc hits incredibly hard and is the perfect follow-up to the amazing Batman #18.

AMERICAN GODS Season 1 Episode 1 “The Bone Orchard” Review

American Gods is shocking and disconcerting and so very intricate and compelling. It may even be one of those cases where it exceeds the source material in every way. This is a must see for anyone interested in the suspenseful and chilling whether you are familiar with the material or not.

Book Review: The Dinner Party: Stories by Joshua Ferris

The writing is crisp and the stories move, mostly at a city pace, but what stood out most for me was the various array of intriguing protagonists. Like the vegetables in his title story, Ferris’s characters are all “bright and doomed”.

Detective Comics #950 | Review

Detective Comics - you know, the 'DC' in DC Comics - has released its nine-hundred-and-fiftieth issue, and to celebrate the longevity of this landmark series, DC is commemorating the event with...

Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 | Review

Although it may not come across on the first read, Red Hood and the Outlaws #7 is deep and wonderfully complex. Despite the plot of this issue being relatively stripped down, the focus that is placed not only on Bizarro, but also on Jason and his relationship with the big grey dimwit is fantastic.

John Wick: Chapter 2 | Review

Go in knowing what to expect and you won't be disappointed. While it lacks the charm and emotional drive (yes, I cried when they killed his dog and I reveled in every life he took in vengeance) of the original, Chapter 2 proves itself to be a fitting sequel and second installment in a trilogy, or perhaps longer series of films. After all, they made 8 Fast and Furious movies, we can get at least 5 John Wicks right?
Batman Vol.1: I Am Gotham

Batman Vol.1: I Am Gotham

Batman Vol.1: I Am Gotham | DC | Published 1/17/17 Written By Tom King | Illustrated by David Finch and Mike Janin Following up Scott Snyder and his New 52...