Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Review

Wrapped in a package of humor and action, the message of family being more than just blood shines bright as the overall theme. The insight into why people do what they do, even when it seem to be in direct opposition to what they truly want, gives depth to a set of characters so diverse anybody can find one to identify with.

Harley Quinn #18 Review

I love that Harley Quinn utilizes different artists to illustrate different stories that are happening independently of the main story following along with Quinn herself but will obviously intersect in future issues. Not only does it keep things fresh but you know exactly which year, or state, or story you're in just by looking at the artwork.

Harley Quinn #17 Review

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner do a very good job in delivering a light-hearted adventure, for a character that walks a fine line between humor and darkness, delivering exactly the type of Harley comic I’m so fond of.
Batman #18 Review

Batman #18 Review

Brutally entertaining and deceptively thought-provoking, Tom King’s Batman #18 is a triumph of modern ‘superhero’ fiction—a comic book tour de force reminiscent of the great Victorian tale of human duality: Robert Louis Stevenson’s, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and while the Batman/Bane foil may not be perfect—it’s damn near close.

Rat Queens Vol. 2 Issue #1 Review

With artwork of excruciating detail and manic energy, Gieni captures the spirit and personality of the Queen with a beauty and simplicity that is easy to enjoy. Wiebe gives us sharp dialogue and expertly turns our expectations upside down.

Alien: Covenant Review

In 1979 Ridley Scott warned us: "In space, no one can hear you scream." He introduced us to a creature whose entire life cycle is horrifying and became one...

Batman #19 Review

Packed with non-stop, skull-cracking, back-breaking action, Tom King and David Finch’s Batman #19 is an onslaught of entertainment. This, the fourth chapter of the ‘I Am Bane’ arc hits incredibly hard and is the perfect follow-up to the amazing Batman #18.

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

If you’re the type of fan that will be disappointed that there’s no “S&M kinkiness” or that her armor is red, gold, and blue instead of red, white and blue, as David Edelstein of Vulture seems to think some of you might be, then stay home. There’s more than enough skin shown to cause drooling over Gadot’s beauty, and not everything has to be drenched in “America,” and honesty, a golden color make way more sense than white for armor inspired by the ancient Greeks.

Batman/The Shadow #1 Review

I refer to my age quite often here, but I assure you that I only do so for good reason…and I’m about to do it again, so…As a self-proclaimed 90’s Kid, certain films that I watched on VHS tape as a child had a lasting effect on me. One of these films was Dick Tracy The Shadow. Sure, this Alec Baldwin flick wasn’t a masterpiece of modern cinema or anything like that, but when five-year-old Charlie (me) saw it, he thought that it was freakin’ sweet. Thus, when I spotted Batman/The Shadow #1 waiting for me in my inbox, I couldn’t wait to begin reading.
The Belfry #1 | Image Comics | Review

The Belfry #1 Review

The Belfry #1is delightfully disorientating; violence is coupled perfectly with fear, and the varying panel sizes and shapes, as well as the interesting layouts, work together to pull the reader deeper and deeper into the book, until finally he/she reaches the bottom of the pit, and at that point, is at Hardman’s mercy.