Justice League / Power Rangers #3 Review

So, I had hoped that this crossover event would prove to be more than just an attempt to lure 90’s kids into buying more comic books—I had hoped that I would be able to brag about this series to all of the naysayers and non-believers, but unfortunately, I cannot. Justice League Power Rangers could have been an awesome crossover, but it appears as though the creators began phoning it in after Issue #1.

Comic Book Review: Killer Instinct #1

Title: Killer Instinct #1 Publisher: Dynamite Words: Ian Edginton Art: Cam Adams Colors: Jorge Sutil Letters: Troy Peteri Publication Date: September 20, 2017 Publisher’s Summary: “The Shadow Lord Gargos has been...
Deadman by Neal Adams (2017-) #2

Comic Book Review: Deadman by Neal Adams (2017-) #2

Title: Deadman by Neal Adams (2017-) #2 Publisher: DC Words: Neal Adams Art: Neal Adams Colorist: Neal Adams Letters: Clem Robins Publication Date:...

Man-Thing #1 Review

The best part of this issue is the artwork. Peralta and Rosenberg render eloquence and emotion to a creature never meant to have either, and capture mundane office and street scenes with appropriate realism.