Batman (2017) #15

Batman | Issue #15| DC| Published 01/18/17 Written by Tom King | Art by Mitch Gerards Did Batman just say that he loves Catwoman? Batman #15, offers a fitting and satisfying...

I’ll Get You Web Head

Venom: one of Marvel's most beloved villains/anti-hero/space-knight. As one of my favorite comic book characters of all time, Venom is as tough as they come, and this wicked symbiote has a rich history steeped in being a total bad ass.
Venom 2017) #3

Venom (2017) #3

It doesn’t get much more uneventful than this. Unfortunately, Issue #3 feels bland and uninspired; neither the artwork or writing wows, and seeing as though this is only the third issue of a new series, the Venom team needs to pick it up before fans flock to something worth reading. I really want this to work, there’s potential, but a change is needed and it’s needed now. Skip this one, you’re not missing much.
Aquaman Vol.1: The Drowning

Aquaman Vol.1: The Drowning

The emphasis placed on Aquaman’s long-time lack of respect from dry-landers (you and me included), adds real depth to the story and raises the stakes when it comes time for Aquaman to act.

Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers | Issue 1

Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #1 is a fun first issue, and solid introduction to an exciting crossover. The ‘when worlds collide, bad things happen’ story feels a bit too familiar, but watching the members of the Justice League interact with the Power Rangers and their Zords is quite entertaining. This is an absolute must-read for 90’s kids, and it will surely appeal more to Power Rangers fans than it will to Justice League fans.

Justice League (2016) #12 Review

Unless you have no idea who Max Lord is or, are completely invested in the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad event currently going on, don't waste your time with this one. Aside from some beautifully drawn panels, which, aren't enough to pick the issue up from the floor, there isn't much to see here. Since there hasn't been that much going on with Justice League (the current series) in terms of quality of story, I don't think that now is the best time for a boring tie-in issue.
Batman #14

Batman (2016) #14 Review

Bat and Cat got it on, and it was glorious! The Batman/Catwoman dynamic has, and always will be one of the most interesting relationships in all of comics. This issue is exactly what Batman/Catwoman fans want to read when it comes to the star-crossed duo. From reading this issue, it is apparent that Tom King and Mitch Gerards NEED to get together more often. Issue #14 is an absolute must-read; trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Silver Surfer Epic Collection Vol.1: When Calls Galactus

An accidental allegory, that holds up despite its flaws, and when focused on the Surfer. I just wish that Stan Lee was a better writer.

Swedish Fire Steel

What could possibly be better than a Swiss Army knife? I’ll tell you: A Swedish FireSteel: FireSteel V 2.0.
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January Netflix Suggestions

There’s plenty more being added to enjoy this month but these are a great place to start. What additions are you most looking forward to?