Comic Book Review: Killer Instinct #1

Title: Killer Instinct #1 Publisher: Dynamite Words: Ian Edginton Art: Cam Adams Colors: Jorge Sutil Letters: Troy Peteri Publication Date: September 20, 2017 Publisher’s Summary: “The Shadow Lord Gargos has been defeated! But the battle to...
Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness #3, Comic Book Review

Comic Book Review: Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness #3

Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness #3 is a book that is worth purchasing, but, isn’t a must-have, and ultimately falls short when compared to its predecessors. Still, despite falling short, Ash Vs. The Army of Darkness #3 is a decent read. Fans won’t mind this one, and while it is a solid jumping on point, I would recommend that newcomers suck it up and start at the beginning.


In the book’s description, it’s said that GWAR tramples through time like a “deranged Bill and Ted on bath salts,” and having read the comic, I must say that that is as close to a perfect description as one could come. GWAR: ORGASMAGEDDON #1 is unlike anything that I’ve read, and that’s putting it lightly.

The Sovereigns #0 Review

There is quite a boatload of talent in this opening issue to the point where it is hard to focus. The overarching story is The Sovereigns, followed by appearances of Magnus, Turok, Doc Spector and an appearance by Solar.

James Bond #1 Review

Each frame is a cinematic nod to the films and novels that prove this isn’t your Daddy’s Bond-James-Bond.