Superman #23

SUPERMAN #23 Review

I honestly don't even know where to begin. Comics like Superman #23 are the reason I love doing what I do. I've never had a job where the work itself was a reward. My biggest reward has to be this series. I jumped in just after "Superman Reborn" and every issue since has pulled me in deeper. Each time adding a new type of creepiness. This time it's of the A Clockwork Orange variety.

SUPERMAN #22 Review

Hopefully at least one more time because Doug Mahnke did a phenomenal job. I could barely tell it was a different artist this issue. Mahnke did exactly what I've come to expect from Superman, beautiful artwork on every page.

Superman #21 Review

Once again I'm blown away by the artwork. Bright and hopeful? Got it. Fast paced and large scale action? It'll watch like a movie. Dark, eerie, and ominous? consider it done. Whatever feelings the situation calls for evoking, Gleason and Klisz deliver.

Superman #20 Review

What’s there to say about the Man of Steel? DC’s white knight never really grabbed my attention. I liked Christopher Reeve in the movies, and the cartoon wasn’t bad,...

Superman #17 | Review

Superman #17, is a definite must-read because even if the story doesn’t appeal to you, I assure you that the artwork will.

Superman (2017) #16 Review

Superman #16 is the final chapter in the ‘Multiplicity’ arc, and after giving it a read, it soon becomes obvious that the tale should have been told in more...