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Comic Book Reviews on The Brazen Bull.

Inkblot #1 Review

Inkblot is a fun and funny YA tale chock full of fantasy and magic, dragons, and giants.

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #1 Review

An impressive first issue in the final chapter of American Vampire, American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #1 re-/immerses readers in an unforgettable fictional space not that far removed from our own. American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #1 is exceptional and makes for a reading experience that is not to be missed.

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 Review

The Last God: Songs of Lost Children (2020-) #1 is a haunting, must-read issue.

Spy Island #1 Review

Spy Island is like nothing I have ever seen. This wry send up of the superspy genre is wholly humorous and intriguing with just enough snark to give it some bite.

An Unkindness of Ravens #1 Review

Mean Girls versus the Craft and the new girl caught in the middle. Cartoon scary and fun, just in time for Halloween.

Giga #1 Review

Giga is a layered mystery in a land of giant fighting robots, a thriller with a touch of creep factor all about the people who worship these metal monsters.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #17 Review

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is the new & nerdy heartthrob we didn’t know we needed. Bellaire & Lambert craft a tremendous introduction for this classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer character.

Autumnal #1 Review

Autumnal, a tense psychological thriller that is also sad and sinister with a promise to get even more disturbing, but in the right kind of creeping malice sort of way.

Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1 Review

Bizarre, thought-provoking, and extremely well-crafted, Colonel Weird: Cosmagog #1 is stunning and must not be missed by Black Hammer fans.

Coffin Bound #6 Review

Coffin Bound remains a necessary-read as this second arc continues to burrow deeper beneath the collective consciousness, exploring all of the filth that resides there, bringing it to the surface, one nasty bit at a time.