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Comic Book Reviews on The Brazen Bull.

Two Moons #1 Review

A war-torn horror tale that's steeped equally in blood and magic, Two Moons is not to be missed. This first issue sets the stage for what promises to be an unforgettable series.

Origins #1 Review

Origins is more than a typical post-apocalypse survival battle. The grim resilience of the hero is compelling and not at all assured of success. A very promising start.

Bill & Ted Are Doomed #1 Review

Bill & Ted Are Doomed is everything it needs to be: perfectly charming and never too serious, fitting well into the beloved franchise with welcomed callbacks to familiar characters.
Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses (2020-) #1

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses (2020-) #1 Review

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses (2020-) #1 is a fine precursor to Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 and will leave readers eager to see how this war for the multiverse ends.

Norse Mythology #1 Review

Norse Mythology feels a little too like an introductory primer about the subject matter rather than much of a story, but ends with a hint at more, particularly with respect to Loki and his scheming..

Stray Dogs #1 Review

Stray Dogs is a delightful story in contrasts. The best of the good dogs have to solve a mystery, and I’m all in from the moment it starts.

Kick-Ass Vs. Hit-Girl #1 (of 5) Review

It’s not a Kick-Ass or Hit-Girl comic without a head lopping or two, and this meet up delivers while barely warmed up. Come for the carnage, stay for more carnage.

Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team #1 Review

Based on a video game or not, Cyberpunk 2077: Trauma Team #1 is exciting, dramatic, and everything that it intends to be, making for a worthwhile reading experience.

The Picture of Everything Else #2 Review

A blood-stained love letter to Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Everything Else immerses readers into the dark undercurrent that pulsed beneath the most well-known literary works of the Victorian era. A masterwork of modern Horror and a must-read series, The Picture of Everything Else is not to be missed.
Coffin Bound #7

Coffin Bound #7 Review

Coffin Bound continues to impress; this seventh issue is a mind-bending trip that readers won't soon forget.