Destroyer #1 Review

LaValle’s revisiting of the Frankenstein legacy is astounding on two levels. It transcends the sanitized Universal Pictures version of the creature and still feels original. The monster may be a hero, but he is a hero that is appropriately feared. If he is angry there is a reason.

Justice League / Power Rangers #3 Review

So, I had hoped that this crossover event would prove to be more than just an attempt to lure 90’s kids into buying more comic books—I had hoped that I would be able to brag about this series to all of the naysayers and non-believers, but unfortunately, I cannot. Justice League Power Rangers could have been an awesome crossover, but it appears as though the creators began phoning it in after Issue #1.

Justice League/Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers | Issue 1

Justice League/Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue #1 is a fun first issue, and solid introduction to an exciting crossover. The ‘when worlds collide, bad things happen’ story feels a bit too familiar, but watching the members of the Justice League interact with the Power Rangers and their Zords is quite entertaining. This is an absolute must-read for 90’s kids, and it will surely appeal more to Power Rangers fans than it will to Justice League fans.