Curse Words #3

Curse Words #3 Review

What does Earth’s only wizard do when it appears as that he’s lost his magic for good? Well, he does the same thing that any of us non-magical folk would do after rough day—he marches down to his friendly neighborhood bar and gets shit-faced with his talking koala. Okay, so we don’t have talking koalas (most of us don’t at least), but you get what I mean.

Comic Book Review: Evolution #1

Title: Evolution #1 Publisher: Image Words: James Asmus, Joseph Keatinge, Christopher Sebela, Joshua Williamson Art: Joe Infurnari Colors: Jordan Boyd Letters: Pat Brosseau Publication Date: November 15, 2017 Publisher's Summary: “Human evolution has taken millions of...

Comic Book Pull List: 2/22/17

Keeping track of weekly comic releases can be tricky; figuring out which ones to buy can be impossible. Here's Charlie's Comic Book Pull List for 2/15/17

Comic Book Review: Underwinter: A Field Of Feathers #1

Title: Underwinter: A Field Of Feathers #1 Publisher: Image Words: Ray Fawkes Art: Ray Fawkes Colors: Ray Fawkes Letters: Steve Wands Publication Date: October 25, 2017 Publisher's Summary: “NEW STORY A family is torn apart by...


Bane: Conquest #1 is packed with action, and its straightforward, easy-to-digest plot makes this book easy to enjoy. Having Chuck Dixon and Graham Nolan working on this series adds to its credibility, and provides a certain nostalgia that long-time fans will appreciate.

SUPERMAN #22 Review

Hopefully at least one more time because Doug Mahnke did a phenomenal job. I could barely tell it was a different artist this issue. Mahnke did exactly what I've come to expect from Superman, beautiful artwork on every page.

Comic News | Marvel Legacy Initiative

It seems as though Marvel is yet again making big changes to appeal to their fans, this time around, at least, it appears as though they are attempting to appeal to the long-time readers of their comics, not the newer, Marvel-movie-lovers.

Comic Book Review: Gasolina #2

Title: Gasolina #2 Publisher: Image Words: Sean Mackiewicz Art: Niko Walter Colors: Mat Lopes Letters: Rus Wooton Publication Date: October 25, 2017 Publisher's Summary: “Once upon a time in Veracruz, two newlyweds tried to put their...
Aquaman Vol.1: The Drowning

Aquaman Vol.1: The Drowning

The emphasis placed on Aquaman’s long-time lack of respect from dry-landers (you and me included), adds real depth to the story and raises the stakes when it comes time for Aquaman to act.
Ash Vs. The Army Of Darkness #1, Comic Book, Review, DYnamite

Ash Vs. The Army Of Darkness #1 Review

From here on, I am confident that Ash vs. The Army of Darkness will continue to get better and better, and thus, it is a must-read for those who enjoy dancing with deadites and a good soul sucking…