Faith: Dreamside Review

Tasked with saving a friend, Faith steps out of this dimension and into the Dreamside with help from Dr. Fong and her spectral husband. Whimsical, if not a little unnerving, the Dreamside presents unexpected challenges for Faith. Will Faith save the day and make it out of the Dreamside? Or will the evil within overpower her?

In Faith: Dreamside, a standalone, four part mini-series, Jody Houser puts Faith to the test, challenging the hero with tests of character and skill. The story has Faith going down the proverbial rabbit hole, landing in the Dreamside, a whimsically creepy place. Houser nudges Faith further along the path to self-confrontation in each issue, building momentum as you read. The result is a well-paced series that holds the reader’s attention from start to finish, applying just enough suspense to keep you reading, but holding back on any release until the end.

Storyline aside, MJ Kim’s artwork in this series is simply stunning. Dreamside is part Alice in Wonderland, part Wizard of Oz, and part something else entirely, but it’s wholly enjoyable. At times, I was just as intrigued by the setting as Faith, while others I was thoroughly creeped out. MJ Kim’s art lets you feel the emotions Houser writes growing darker as the story progresses.  

Bonus! Faith: Dreamside includes an extra issue, Faith’s Winter Wonderland Special #1 written by Marguerite Sauvage and art by Francis Portela and MJ Kim. Not only is the script for this issue superb, but it pairs nicely with the mini-series as Faith literally goes down a rabbit hole to save Alice and the rest of the magical realm.

The Bottom Line

Jody Houser has crafted a thoroughly entertaining, and at some points terrifying, mini-series in Faith: Dreamside. The graphic novel has action, adventure, and a noble quest, what more could you want? You won’t be able to put down Faith: Dreamside.


Book Details

Title: Faith Dreamside
Publisher: Valiant
Words: Jodie Houser
Art: MJ Kim
Colors: Jordie Bellaire
Publication Date: February 27, 2019

Publisher’s summary: Faith enters a previously unseen realm of the Valiant Universe!

Even before Faith Herbert, AKA Zephyr, gained the power of flight, joined the Harbinger Renegades, and soared through the skies of the Valiant Universe, deep down she was always a hero at heart. But what’s a hero to do in the face of a foe that exists only in nightmares? Face them head-on, of course! To protect the dreams of her teammate, Animalia, Faith must venture into a fantastical new realm the likes of which we’ve never seen…and she’ll need some help from the world’s premiere parapsychologist, Doctor Mirage, to make it back with her subconscious mind still intact!

Uncover the secrets of the Dreamside as writer extraordinaire Jody Houser (FAITH, Stranger Things) and rising star MJ Kim (FAITH’S WINTER WONDERLAND SPECIAL #1) continue the adventures of the high-flying icon that Uproxx calls, “A joy to read!”

Collecting FAITH: DREAMSIDE #1-4.