Mapping the Interior by Stephen Graham Jones Review

My first encounter with this author was in his werewolf novel Mongrels which I thoroughly enjoyed. Mapping the Interior is another story about family dynamics and history with the terror ratcheted up. We are introduced by way of a horror story to twelve-year-old Junior who carries the stories of his culture and long dead father. He also sleepwalks and he sees ghosts. But this story isn’t really about ghosts is it, just like Mongrels wasn’t about lycanthropy? 

Once again Stephen Graham Jones takes the heart-ache and loss within a broken family, places the telling in the context of the supernatural, and reveals truth. The struggles, ongoing dread, and helplessness of the pre-teen man of the house become that much more intimate and appalling.

I’ve read several Tor releases recently and this is the shortest one so far. At barely fifty pages, I would rather see this in an anthology than a stand-alone release, but that’s on the publisher, not the author. I’m not going to be like those one-star Amazon reviewers that complain about packaging.


Stephen Graham Jones’ Mapping the Interior will be released June 20th, 2017. Click here to get a copy!