The Tao of the Dude by Oliver Benjamin Review

Keep Your Mind Limber

Within these pages lies the sacred space where Taoism and The Big Lebowski intersect to create something both funny and profound. By not taking life too seriously, wisdom emerges. Within these pages are analyses of the film, quotes from famous dudes of history, and a joyful reminder just to appreciate life in its simplicity and taste the sweetness. If not, then, well “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

Ideally written for the fans of the film, but ultimately, surprisingly and maybe accidentally so much more. This is a book about a religion based on the behavior of a character in a movie that resembles a real religion that has, in fact, inspired its own religion. And although this whole concept of Dudeism is jokey and lighthearted, there is a genuine similarity to the real thing.

Devotees of the Dude will surely enjoy this book, as a light introduction to Taoism, this isn’t bad either, and it is an essential text for anyone with an interest in Dudeism.

Take it all will a grain of salt, but mostly “Take ‘er easy.”

Abidingly Submitted by:

The Dudely Rev. Dave Ordained Dudeist Priest at Dudeism, the Church of the Latter-Day Dude