Books Book reviews, news, and author interviews as well as features and lists.

Books Book reviews, news, and author interviews as well as features and lists.

Brandon Sanderson’s DARK ONE Review

Brandon Sanderson's Dark One is an exercise in managing expectations, leading the reader to rethink what they know and love about fantasy stories in order to enjoy a story that both perfectly captures and totally swerves common cliches and storytelling staples.

Matt Sardo & Jamie Jones Talk Tales of MFR & Monkeys Fighting Robots: The Magazine

Illustrator Jamie Jones, and publisher Matthew Sardo, the founder of Monkeys Fighting Robots, sit down to talk comics, their respective starts in the industry, and their current Kickstarter campaign.

Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #5 Review

On multiple fronts, the battle rages on, moving ever-closer to an monumental final standoff. Dense with detail and energy, Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #5 primes readers for the epic, multi-Earth battle that draws nearer.

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 Review

 American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #2 is dense with well-crafted artwork and dialogue/narration; this second chapter continues to pique interest and gain momentum as the plot thickens.

Kick-Ass Vs. Hit-Girl #1 (of 5) Review

It’s not a Kick-Ass or Hit-Girl comic without a head lopping or two, and this meet up delivers while barely warmed up. Come for the carnage, stay for more carnage.

Review & Recap: ‘The Mandalorian’ Season 2, Episode 2 “Chapter 10 – The Passenger”

Exciting and visually impressive, but somewhat unnecessary; "Chapter 10 - The Passenger" feels more like a transitional episode than one that matters.

Review: CBS’s B Positive

B Positive has potential, with a fresh premise and interesting characters.

J.K. Rowling’s TERF-ness Has Been Hiding Inside Harry Potter the Whole Time

Bring on the HP criticism, bring on the fanfiction that expands this world beyond what JKR could have imagined, and bring on real-world celebration and affirmation of every single person as exactly who they are.

Critical Role Fans are Thrilled at Wizards of The Coast’s Surprise Announcement

Announced Today: Explorer's Guide to Wildemount (D&D Campaign Setting and Adventure Book) (Dungeons & Dragons) Hardcover  – March 17, 2020 - by Wizards RPG...

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Michaelides shows readers that sometimes silence speaks more than words in his gripping novel, The Silent Patient. A tale of love, obsession, and murder, The Silent...

Turn of the Key By Ruth Ware

If you’re a fan of mysteries or looking for something new to put you in the fall mood, pick up a copy of The Turn of the Key. It will keep you reading late into the night.

Book Review: Sweetbitter: A Novel by Stephanie Danler

Read this. But don’t just let your eyes slip over the pages mindlessly. Instead, find a quiet place to curl up with Stephanie Danler’s...

Book Review: The Dream Peddler by Martine Fournier Watson

If you enjoy a story full of self discovery and hope, The Dream Peddler is for you. This reading experience is thought-provoking, as it opens your heart and truly makes you think about who you are and who you want to be.

Black Magick: The First Book Of Shadows Review (Hardcover)

Black Magick is an astounding series full of poignant character moments within a sprawling conspiracy that conjures chills and suspense. It is imaginative yet populated by fully realized characters. Come for the police procedural and stay for the witchcraft, or vice versa, either way it delivers.

September Mourning, Complete Vol. 1 Review

This collection includes source material as well as concept art to supplement the first four issues of a dreamy story of three women who refuse to be victims of Fate. September Mourning is a well done, highly stylized epic that blends well with the matching music.


Book Review: The New Voices of Fantasy

With The New Voices of Fantasy, Jacob Weisman and Peter S. Beagle have composed one of the strongest fantasy anthologies I have read in a long time, brimming with extraordinary tales that range from thought-provoking to spine-tingling.