“WandaVision” is Stranger Than I Imagined: Episode 1 & 2 Review and Recap

Sure, every piece of content that falls under the MCU umbrella ultimately serves it—that’s how a cinematic universe works. But is WandaVision more than just an exercise in extended stage-setting?

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Dark Nights: Death Metal (2020-) #7 Review

A stunning conclusion to what has been a hellacious ride, Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 teems with breathtaking artwork and evocative writing. More than just the last chapter of an epic tale, the final moments of Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 speaks directly to readers and promises a bright future for DC and for readers. 

‘The Watch, Premiere Episode 1, “A Near Vimes Experience, Episode 2, “Ook” Review

The Watch is an imperfect representation of beloved characters from the Discworld series, but still manages to entertain despite a darker tone than the source material.

Netflix’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Episode-by-Episode Review

Although the consequences of this in-school brawl were hinted out in the Cobra Kai Season 2 finale, Season 3 opens with the promise to further explore the lasting effects of this brawl while also placing Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, who both failed as sensei, on a path toward redemption.

‘Doctor Who’ Holiday Special, “Revolution of the Daleks”

Revolution of the Daleks is a good, but not great Holiday Special. It could have used more humor and wonder and less lazy writing. Fortunately, some top-notch performance saves the day.

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses (2020-) #1 Review

Dark Nights: Death Metal The Last 52: War of the Multiverses (2020-) #1 is a fine precursor to Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 and will leave readers eager to see how this war for the multiverse ends.

Review: Netflix’s ‘Death to 2020’

Watch Death to 2020 for a laugh and for an appreciation of some fantastic comedians. But don't expect it to make you feel any better, worse, or anything else, about this year.