Fear Case #3 Review

Fear Case is a mystery with characters worth caring about. As the nightmarish tale nears the end of the arc, everything matters, and no one is safe.

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Witchblood #1 Review

Witchblood delivers an entertaining modern tale told with snark and humor filled with clever versions of witches and vampires and the people who want to destroy them.

Shadecraft #1 Review

High school is bad enough when the jocks and the mean girls hate you, but it gets worse when even the shadows want you dead.

Stray Dogs #2 Review

Such a good girl Sophie reveals more of the mystery of the new master’s house. She was right to be suspicious as things are so much worse that she thought.

Savage (2021) #2 Review

It's been a while since I've laughed this much while reading a comic book. A solid second issue, Savage (2021) #2 brings the humor and ends on a note that will leave readers eager for more.

Ultramega by James Harren #1 Review

James Harren's Ultramega promises to be much more than a mere monster-of-the-week beat 'em up book, as there's great depth of story that, when teamed with the inherent horror and excitement common in kaiju tales, makes for a refreshing read. Do not miss out.

Orphan and the Five Beasts #1 Review

Orphan and the Five Beasts can take its well-earned place among the best of the martial arts epics. A riveting story with fantastic art. Any fan of wushu show not miss this.
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