Twin Peaks: The Return Part 7 | Review

“I Don’t Know Where I Am.”

Laura Dern in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

The wild eyed Jerry Horne begins this chapter of Twin Peaks: The Return as a spiritual surrogate for the audience. Literally lost in the woods, he is frightened and confused. He mirrors how many of us have felt over the first third of The Return. Things have changed, however. Part 7 reels back the crazy and lands us in more familiar territory among cherry pie and Douglas fir. This is the most conventional part of the show so far stretched to the point of absurdity. We are spoon fed the explanation of the pages in such a way as to make sure the audience is grounded in the reality and in the continuity of the narrative from the original series.

We also have full disclosure on Major Briggs, Yankton Prison and Diane. We even get Good Coop acting like an FBI agent, his muscle memory of his Quantico training taking over when the spike-less Ike tries to kill him by running at him with a gun.

The Great Northern Hotel is revisited as is the Sherriff’s Office (complete with log activated computer monitor). We even get to see Deputy Andy (sporting a Rolex) act like a Deputy. I expect he’ll stumble on important clues in as is his practice. Lynch hasn’t abandoned his out-there style, but has thrown a lifeline to those who feel at sea.

The Bottom Line
The connections to Coop are drawn. Act two of the story has begun. It is only a matter of time where everything converges at the Great Northern. I am amazed and delighted with each installment.
Yes!Diane exceeds every expectation. Our “interesting cross between a saint and a cabaret singer” has arrived and does not disappoint.
No...Don’t mind me, I’m totally hooked.