Twin Peaks: The Return Part 6 Review

Janey-E Is a Tough Dame

I don’t know where to look first or which detail to concentrate on. Probably not everything means something, but it all gets me thinking. Why are the neon bar signs so similar? Who is drinking Bordeaux with Cole? When Tracey advised in Part 1 to “not over think it,” she gave good advice. I don’t know what’s going on, but I like it nonetheless.

A third of the way through Twin Peaks: The Return, and I am convinced that there is not a frame of film or line of dialogue wasted. The evolution of Cooper like the evolution of the series continues and as his competence and communication return, the story is drawn further into Twin Peaks. We see the traffic light at Sparkwood and 21, hear the glories of Norma’s cherry pie and find out what Red and Richard Horne are up to.

Hawk may have found what’s missing in the handwritten pages he pulled from the stall door. Laura’s secret diary maybe? Will there be a mention of Cooper and the Black Lodge? Albert has tracked down the one person who knows Cooper the best, who is, of course, Diane.

As slow and deliberate the pace has been, there is progress and in the detail is the joy. Lynch knows we are watching, gives us the morsels he knows we crave and then goes on to do whatever he wants.

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 6
The Bottom Line
So far, I couldn’t be happier with The Return. It has all the Lynchian genius and enough nostalgia for the old series without being bogged down by sentimentality.
The traffic light at Sparkwood and 21! Pie at the Double R.
I’m pretty much over the Dougie scenario. I think it’s time to move on.