Twin Peaks: The Return Part 13 Review

“You Didn’t Kill Him Too Good”

in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Courtesy of SHOWTIME

There is something different and something surprising every week. I don’t know what to expect and as much as Lynch continues to make me uncomfortable and impatient, The Return is by far the most amazing work of television I have ever seen. It is truly in a class by itself. It is everything I loved about the original series and everything that I found brilliant about his other works. Additionally, Frost has composed a mythos and example of world building that are as absorbing as they are original.

We are reminded that as much as things have changed in the twenty-five years since Laura Palmer was found wrapped in plastic, some things stay the same. Norma, just like Shelly, still has questionable taste in men, and with the stars still crossed, none will ever be Big Ed. Although he is still wearing his wedding ring it is clear that he as in love with Norma as ever.

The strangest and most interesting part of this chapter is in the Audrey scene. The argument with Charlie is still going on in a weird room with strange colors and she claims to not know who she is and doesn’t know where the Roadhouse is. Charlie asks “am I going to have to end your story too?” The audience is left wondering if we can take any of this literally. My guess, not so much.

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 13
The Bottom Line
A fairly conventional installment with just enough weirdness around the edges to convince me I’m in the right place.
James headlining at the Roadhouse! James was always cool!
. Richard in Montana and the look he gave Bad Coop leads down a line of reasoning I hope isn’t true.