Twin Peaks: The Return Part 11 Review

“There’s No Backup For This”

So Becky’s rival for the affection of her sleazebag husband is none other than Gersten Hayward (Alicia Witt), everybody’s favorite piano playing princess. Bobby is Becky’s father it seems, or at least he used to be married to Shelly. Shelly, who still has a thing for bad boys is inexplicably smitten with Red. There is no way any of this ends well.

Speaking of unfortunate ends – poor Bill Hastings (Matthew Lillard).

Meanwhile Good Coop gets closer to his real self through some “damn good” cherry pie.

There’s a lot packed into this one chapter, and like the last, it whips back and forth from the insane and evil to the absurd and humorous. We have reached equilibrium and as we continue things will draw closer to the town of Twin Peaks. Before he is interrupted, Albert advised that the coordinates are someplace in the “north…”

Will Deputy Bobby save the day? What will Hawk find when he follows the map? Is Good Coop almost his old self? Will Shelly ever come to her senses? The elements of the soap opera parody are front and center yet the weird elements are quite visible too. Tune in next week for invitation to Lynch and Frost’s wild ride.


Twin Peaks: The Return Part 11
The Bottom Line
There was more packed into this week’s installment than ever before. Remember: always bring a cherry pie to a mob hit.
The Hawk and Margaret conversations continue to be the most poignant. Michael Horse is the spiritual and emotional center of the entire narrative.
Sometime I feel I am in over my head.