Twin Peaks: The Return Part 10 Review

Guess Who’s Giving Rides Now

in a still from Twin Peaks. Photo: Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME

I never know what to expect with The Return and that is what I enjoy most. Lynch and Frost use every cinematic and narrative trick and twist they know to keep me on edge, blasting away any expectation or preconceived notion. I have never seen anything remotely like this before, except for other works by these amazing auteurs. It defies categorization and transcends normal television experience.

Of all the chapters so far, this is the one with the most comedic moments. Janey-E’s new found interest in her husband is downright hilarious prompting actual laughs out loud. The world of the Mitchum boys and their casino is also nicely absurd. Even Lucy and her suspicions of Chad and the mail is funny, and Albert’s dinner with Constance absolutely blissful. But this is Lynch and if we know anything, then there cannot be light without darkness.

Becky returns, this time as the target of her husband’s abuse. Richard Horne is an abomination. His cruelty and brutality are boundless, and unless Lucy recovers, Miriam’s letter he will go unpunished. As disturbing as this all is, it would have been unbearable without the other moments.

Dr. Jacoby as Dr. Amp rants. Jerry Horne wanders in the woods. Nadine has made a business out of silent drape runners. Twin Peaks is much the same as it always has been, but there is new evil to confront. The Log Lady speaking to Hawk reminds us: “the Truman brothers are true men.” I still don’t know where we’re going or what is important. The details Lynch places in the story all have a purpose, but not necessarily meaning, and sorting it is frustrating and enchanting.

Twin Peaks: The Return Part 10
The Bottom Line
Whipsawed between cruelty and hilarity, this chapter seems the most recognizable Twin Peaks we’ve seen, but easily taken to a new level.
“Run Silent Run Drapes”
That horrifying teddy bear really creeped me out.