The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Reaction

[Please don’t read this post unless you’ve seen the episode…there are spoilers ahead…]

First and foremost, I want to start out with saying that this was the most satisfying episode that I’ve seen in quite some time. The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 13, “Bury Me Here” was not only awesome, but it was a huge episode too.

Benjamin…the young Zen Warrior is dead…because of Richard. But that’s okay because Morgan killed Richard. Wait a second, did I just write that Morgan killed someone? Yeah, I did because it happened. Batman Morgan broke his only rule and killed Richard. For a moment, I thought that Morgan was going back to the “Cleared” stage of his life. While I very much enjoyed “Cleared” Morgan, I prefer the new Jedi Master Morgan.

Carol is back in the game now that she knows about some of the damage that Negan has caused as of late. Heads are gonna freakin’ roll ladies and gents, and it is going to be glorious. Also, how crafty were the ‘one-way sign kills?’ Awesome, right?

King Ezekiel is finally ready to fight, and I am more than ready to watch things get ugly on The Walking Dead. Its about damn time…

And one last thing: Morgan referring to Benjamin as Dwayne – Major Feels…