Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 9 “One Fettered Slave” Review

“Bebes Coming”

The penultimate episode tries very hard to pull many threads together. Considering how many have been loose it has done a reasonably good job doing so. At least we have a story that is leading up to something big, something maybe we were waiting for since the first season. Will the Neos finally be destroyed? All the surviving clones seem to on board to ensure that occurs, but not without loss.

That’s one of the problems – the body count keeps stacking up with no real consequence. Another is that Sarah hasn’t really learned anything in five years either –clearly evidenced when she comes up with yet another harebrained scheme to infiltrate the bad guys and rescue Helena (again). Lucky for her Hell Wizard is a full-time member of the team and is able to save the day having had all that security experience at Dyad.

My biggest complaint is that since we first saw the tapes of Rachel’s childhood we have known what the clones looked like growing up. Now, though, we have a new actress (Habree Larratt) playing young Helena instead of Cynthia Galant who has played Charlotte and Rachel. The switch is odd but annoying because they look nothing alike and Cynthia is the better actor.

Despite what I see as flaws, this is still one of the better episodes all action packed and fast moving. We know what has to happen. We know who in direct peril. We know the clock is ticking. We know the big bad must be destroyed.

Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 9 “One Fettered Slave”
The Bottom Line
For all the things the show runners get right, they still have a huge blind spot to Sarah’s behavior. She may be impulsive but she isn’t stupid.
Honorable mention to Ari Millen. Mark was always my favorite Castor.
Wearing a Rachel wig and eye-patch and climbing into the trunk and thinking that was a plan with any hope of working is as far off the rails as this show has ever gone.