Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 8 “Guillotines Decide” Review

“My Joys And My Pains And My Sorrows”

There are only two episodes left and I have to say that I am more disappointed than pleased. I understand that the showrunners have difficult choices to make in this final season, but I think they have made the wrong ones. Instead of making sacrifices to the benefit of the story they have chosen fan service and the tying of loose ends.

It’s not like Tatiana Maslany needs more screen time, or the lives or the sestras need more detail. This is the time to build suspense and have a consequence of actions, but once again we have a cheap death for no good reason. Yes, it is dramatic to have Mrs. S and Delphine conspire in secret, but none of this was necessary since they were going to double cross Ferdinand anyway. And really, the final confrontation when he goes to the house, Siobhan should have shot him on sight. She had every reason to suspect that he might be there and no reason not to exterminate him like the vermin he had always been.

The motivations of other secondary characters are muddled as well. Gracie lies to both Helena and Mark and it is never clear why she would do either, or why Mark should ever trust Cody. Rachel helps the sestras to take down Neolution, but never needed to involve them at all. There is simply no information that they could have gotten that she didn’t have the resources to expose sooner and more believably. Seriously, does anyone think that Felix and Adele are super spies?

Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 8 “Guillotines Decide”
The Bottom Line
This show is turning into a convoluted mess.
DJ Hellwizard in the house!
My love for the show cannot excuse the sloppiness of the story telling.