Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 7 “Gag Or Throttle” Review

“Uncovering My Shadow Self”

As the saga of the clonespiracy nears the end it is smart to focus on Rachel. We have learned throughout the series that although she is truly villainous, arguably, she has been abused the most. She schemes and plots but lives hiding a heartbreak that none of the other clones have had. She is a murderer, yes, but so is Helena and haven’t we forgiven her by now? Self-aware from the beginning, her kind of hell is inescapable.

In contrast, we have P.T. Westmoreland who turns out to be nothing more than a charlatan interested in extending his own life. He is such a cartoonish bad guy at this point I’m surprised he is not all mustache-twirly and eye-blinky every time he is on screen. I’m disappointed that the villagers with torches didn’t burn down his castle last week. Chekov’s unruly mob needed to bring down the madman.

Alison is back – all tattooed “live deep” purple haired Jungian and wanting to play keyboards instead of crafting. Amusing as usual, but is this distraction necessary to the plot in the little time we have left? I am way more interested in what Gracie and Mark are up too. I can’t tell whose side they are on or even if they are working together.

Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 7 “Gag Or Throttle”
The Bottom Line
Best episode of the season so far, full of intrigue and double cross, but seriously the crew at Rabbit Hole Comic needs to bug out. The bad guys know all about that place too.
Rachel’s “emancipation” explained perfectly why she would even play along with Westmoreland.
Alison is back with a silly side story while Felix is banished to Switzerland.