Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5 Review

“The Clinical and Humane”

We are now halfway through the season and the mysterious P. T. Westmoreland is front and center as the ultimate Big Bad. It is his desires that are behind Neolution and he gets what he wants at any cost. In case there were any doubts we see him angry, ruthless, cruel and threatening. It has also become clear that he is not 170 years old, though that is his goal. Whether or not Rachel has fallen for his subterfuge, doesn’t matter much as she is just as mean and vengeful as ever and is bound to do whatever she sees fit.

Still at the weird colony on the island (of Dr Moreau), Cosima is central to all the pieces falling together. “Tell Westmorland I found his fountain,” she says. Our science geek has figured it out and is in more peril than ever, but at least she gets to reconcile with Delphine and let her know all that she has learned.

The episode has done the near impossible by weaving together most of the disparate threads into a cohesive whole. Now working on a thrilling conspiracy, the goals have been set and the lines have been drawn, but can anyone other than the sestras be trusted? Probably not, but it is the how of the betrayal that will be the fun part.


Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 5
The Bottom Line
All things considered this is the most solid and suspenseful episode so far. It promises exciting things to come.
Kira let in on the game. Ira glitching.
The wedding fake out.