Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 1 “The Few Who Dare” Review

“Poop On a Stoop – We Don’t Even Know What the Plan Is”

I don’t care how much of the Kool-Aid she pretends to drink, Rachel is too much of a sociopath to fall in with the cult of the Revival. I doubt that P.T. Westmoreland, the alleged 172-year-old founder buys it either, but that’s only one of the likely twists and reversals this final season promises. It also puts every clone in peril and isolated from each other which will be thrilling, I’m sure.

There are some fresh badasses too. Art’s new partner Detective Enger (Elyse Levesque) is the most ruthless and chilling Neo so far and maybe more than he can handle –a welcome addition that ratchets up the tension considerably. And who is Mr. Frontenac (Andrew Moodie) who intimidates Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and declares that there is only one faction? He certainly doesn’t talk like a Neo.

This episode is fast paced and loaded with intrigue. Even the boys at Rabbit Hole Comics are on the case. Scott (Josh Vokey) and Hell Wizard (Calwyn Shurgold) use their gaming expertise to try to contact MK.

So the “Final Trip” has a lot to accomplish in a very short time. I don’t expect all of the loose threads to be tied off neatly, but I do hope we get to see some favorite characters. I have a wish list of my own. Where has Cal (Michiel Huisman) been and what is he all about? What is Siobhan (Maria Doyle Kennedy) ex MI 6 or something? She has a particular set of skills that have never been explained to my satisfaction. Has Vic (Michael Mando) finally achieved serenity? Maybe I’ll never know.

Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 1 “The Few Who Dare”
The Bottom Line
A great start to what I hope is a worthy closing season. Who will survive? I get the feeling that not everybody gets away unscathed.
The strength of the series has always been the distinctiveness of each of the sestras and here that is emphasized by their separation and conflicting agendas.
Delphine is assigned to Sardinia without explanation. Really?