Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12 “The Doctor Falls” Review – Season Finale

Mostly Dead

I find it difficult to look at this episode and the season purely objectively because either showrunner’s intrusion. Moffat yet again gives imposes a lame copout at the departure of a beloved companion. He cannot allow them to be completely dead, but manages to be cruel anyway. Attempting to have his cake and eat it, Bill will be living happily ever after, sort of, with the love of her life, I guess, for eternity, probably. The price to be paid for all that is the loss of her humanity. And of course this is not the first weasely choice.

To recap the dispositions of the primary companions of the New Who era:

Rose is exiled to an alternate universe with a mortal facsimile of her Doctor.

Martha is not a doctor or married to one, and no longer a high ranking member of UNIT, but instead inexplicably running around with Mickey the idiot fleeing Sontarans.

Donna had her memories wiped.

Amy is trapped in the past.

Clara is artificially immortal and wiped from the Doctor’s memory.

I really think there is something inherently wrong with these limbo-esque dismissals of humans. Add that to the other unnecessary misdirect of this not actually being Capaldi’s final episode as the Doctor (we’ll have to wait ‘til Christmas for that), and we have an infuriating yet otherwise outstanding episode.

Doctor Who Season 10 Season Finale
The Bottom Line
All hands on deck with brilliant performances. Pearl Mackie could not have been better, with nuanced horror and heartbreak and at least a chance of seeing her again. The whole Master/Missy dynamic could have been a whole arc on its own. John Simm and Michelle Gomez were phenomenal as two side of the same coin. Even Matt Lucas got to be more than exposition and comic relief.
Magnificent performances by gifted actors, everybody brought their A-game, despite Moffat.
Enough with the fake outs, they are insulting and manipulative.