Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 7 “The Pyramid at the End of the World” Review

“Is Your Consent Pure?”

This season has shaped up to be rather ‘grown-up’ in approach. In a collection of stories with serious takes on timely topics, this episode examines the value of freedom versus security. The Doctor, who is literally blind, must navigate his way through this dilemma, and for once, leans on the side of violence. He is swaggering and bold and continues to lie to Bill about his eyes.

Bill is wholly human, honestly compassionate, and is again representative of the audience as well as the voice of reason. The threat to Earth comes from the mysterious and technologically advanced Monks who threaten to take over the world by being asked to save it. Meanwhile, an unlikely series of events prompts the creation of an unrelenting biological disaster.

So far this has been the most consistent run of episodes since the reboot. Capaldi maintains the grumpiness and distance of his version of the Doctor, yet he has become a more endearing character in these flaws. Bill has done a great deal to balance him out and though I am becoming resolved to his departure I really hope she doesn’t leave at the end of the season along with him.