Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 “World Enough And Time” Review

Cruel And Pointless

Let’s get right to it, shall we? I do not like the choice that was made in this episode. Even if the disposition of Bill is another fake out that can be reset by a time machine or some questionable loophole al la Clara, what Moffat has done with this beloved companion is manipulative, cruel and pointless. This kind of nonsense happens too often and no amount of timey-whimy reset is ever going to make it okay.

Guaranteed to cause outrage, it does not matter if the audience was warned with the line “positive attitude will help with the horror to come.” I suppose Moffat wanted to outdo his predecessor, and I suppose he has because this latest example of companion abuse is arguably worse than what was done to Donna.

Without this looming meanness, this penultimate appearance of Capaldi’s Doctor would have been an intelligent and exciting episode. A massive spaceship, a shifty but hilarious Missy, an old foe and the ultimate nemesis add up to potential greatness. The masterful elements are still there but are largely overshadowed and dashed by the meaningless loss of a beloved companion (even if her condition gets reversed next week).

Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 11 “World Enough And Time”
The Bottom Line
I predict more hate for Moffat than ever before. No matter how much I appreciate the good things about this episode (and there were many), they don’t excuse the Bill situation.
Missy’s “impression” of the Doctor was brilliant and hilarious. The Master is suitably goateed and menacing. The Mondasian Cybermen are terrifying.
There is no weaseling out of the abuse done to Bill. Moffat went too far for too little.