There is so much packed into this episode and most of it is awful. There is the indiscriminate killing of ill-defined characters, a surprise pregnancy, a ten-minute transformation into a martial arts expert and a ridiculous conspiracy hidden in a secret room that’s bigger on the inside.

In its half century Doctor Who can explain away nonsense with the claim that the Doctor lies, or that alternate timelines exist, etc., but Class does not have that luxury. Coal Hill has had at least two Doctors and five companions, yet none of them have ever noticed any suspicious activities by the Board of Governors? The “refurbishment” from school to academy doesn’t work as enough of an excuse.

Whoever the B.O.G might be, they come from nowhere and “manage time” and wait for the “arrival” and set up a cliffhanger that will likely never be resolved. Word is that the creator/showrunner has quit, so season two has become even more unlikely.

Class Season 1 Episode 8 “The Lost” Season Finale
The Bottom Line
Potential is squandered in this episode and in the series over all. As yet it has not be announced that there will be a second season. We’re probably better off without it.
Quill. From beginning to end Katherine Kelly has been the best thing about this show. The perfect combination of style, snark and kick-ass, I would very much like to see what she could do in a better show.
Unbalanced and messy. Disappointing in execution though promising in theory.