Class Season 1 Episode 5 “Brave-ish Heart” Review

“Life Tries To Kill You From The Moment You Are Born”

The super-powered April has jumped through the rift that she cut out of thin air with her twin stone scimitars only to be followed into the “Underneath” by the foolish romantic Ram. It is revealed that there is a mysterious “Board of Governor’s” at Coal Hill Academy who has given to the new Head Teacher the task of compromising Ms. Quill. This B.O.G. is specifically pointed out as to be not associated with U.N.I.T. at all, and yet all knowing. More to be explained, I hope. And the rest of the adults, especially April’s “Worst Dad Ever” do little more than shrill whining.

Sophie Hopkins is front and center in this episode as she battles the Shadow King for control of the Shadow Kin. As April, she info-dumps about the nature of the place and its politics while engaged in an awkward sword fight. She manages to win the battle anyway and becomes the “King” herself. Even for TV, this was some of the lamest fight choreography I have ever seen.

Oh, and let’s no overlook how callous Charlie really is. He’s not against genocide so much as angered by being coerced to do so. I did like how Quill called him out about it.