American Horror Story: Cult Episode 1 “Election Night” Review

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For us, Entertainment buffs who seek refuge from our oh-so-complicated lives by reading and watching and listening to the things that comfort us most, finding out that Season 7 of American Horror Story was to be based on THE ELECTION was a bit of a bummer. Television shows like American Horror Story offer viewers an escape, albeit a frightening one, from the monotonies of daily life. The way I see it, if I wanted to spend an hour of my free time focusing on Trump and Hillary and the current state of the union, I’d tune in to a nightly news broadcast, not American Horror Story. But, I digress.

After having watched Episode 1 of American Horror Story: Cult, I am less concerned about the political backdrop than I was previously. If anything, starting the season off on the night of THE ELECTION provides viewers with a clear sense of time, place, and social climate. And thus, I applaud the writing team in their decision to start here.

Episode 1 was rather one-sided, which, I guess, I should have expected, and from the looks of it, the remainder of the season will be too. But that’s alright with me if everything makes sense, adds up, and ends up being entertaining. While there were some exciting moments in this episode, I found that the majority of “Election Night” was, for an episode of American Horror Story that is, lackluster. There are moments that I would like to revisit, but I doubt that I will replay the whole episode.

Season 7, if anything, is ambitious. In just the first episode, topics like fear and power, humiliation and shame, fragility, and CrossFit were visited. This being the case, I am looking forward to future episodes, but I do hope that the story picks up some soon. But, I figure that a majority of you are reading this before watching the episode so I’ll stop there. For Episode 2 however, you’re going to have to watch the show to keep up.