American Gods Season 1 Episode 8 “Come To Jesus” |Season Finale Review

“Life Is Long When You Have Regrets”

This season ending episode brings the series to more of a turning point than a conclusion. Instead of resolution, we get a meeting of the participants in the ultimate conflict before the war actually begins. It is a pause in a story that has already been about preliminaries and the audience is given more of a sense of theater than of battle. The stage is set and the performance is about deliberate posturing, where statements are made, bravado occurs and sides are drawn.

Mr. Wednesday has been a liar and manipulator throughout, and it was never about whether to trust him, but it was about believing in him. He comes to Easter’s celebration and collection of Jesuses to win an ally in Ostara (Kristin Chenoweth) and reveal himself as Odin.

The bigger reveal is that Wednesday put the hit on Laura and Mad Sweeney was the one to do it. Left with Shadow’s new belief, Odin’s hijacking of Spring, and Laura’s need to talk to her husband, there is a lot to sort through, but with nothing resolved, it feels like the season has come a long way, but hasn’t arrived yet.

So, in other words, the finale is a bit of a letdown, not for the episode itself (which is great), but for the season (which is too short). For example, Bilquis could have been more of a player in the game to come. We don’t know enough about where she stands and little about what the other gods think about her.

The Bottom Line
Great episode and important reveals
Yes!Mad Sweeney had become a much more interesting and conflicted character than he originally appeared.
No...The Season should has ended with at least the arrival in Wisconsin.