The war has started and Mr. Wednesday is scrambling for allies. The god of the volcano, now of guns and ammo seems like a good choice, but can he be trusted? Wednesday explains to Shadow that he knows who he is and knows who he was as if that is sufficient.

Meanwhile, the Leprechaun, the Dead Wife, and the Cab Driver have teamed up despite conflicting agendas. Mad Sweeney wants his coin back, Laura might be able to become truly alive and Salim just wants to find the Jinn again.

Shadow confides his encounter with dead Laura to Wednesday (AKA Grimnir/Odin) at the Happy Vulcan Bullet Factory, so his resistance to belief in the supernatural has pretty much been eliminated. It’s not so much that Shadow trusts his boss, but he figures that like it or not that’s whose side he’s on. He also sees what happens to those who betray.

American Gods Season 1 Episode 6 “A Murder of Gods”
The Bottom Line
The table has been set. Shadow Moon sees that his survival depends on his relationship with Wednesday and his ability to succeed. And then there is his stalker-ish dead wife to think about.
Fantastic dialogue and complex intrigue. With only two episode left we know what is at stake and it looks likely to be epic.
There are a lot of loose threads that might not be able to be resolved to satisfaction in the little time that is remaining.