American Gods Season 1 Episode 5 “Lemon Scented You” Review

“We’ve Got Some Unresolved Issues to Discuss”

A conversation with the reanimated corpse of his unfaithful wife does not surprise Shadow Moon very much. She is smart, matter of fact, articulate and not exactly remorseful, the same as she was in life, except for the dead part. In Shadow’s interaction with his naked autopsy scarred ex, what comes through is not fear as one would expect, but rather love, loss, and heartbreak. When he walks away from her, it is, of course, the right thing for him to do, but it is equally certain is that this is not the last he will see of Laura.

A few drinks with his patron Mr. Wednesday seems like a good idea, but nothing is that easy. The police interrupt their plans for a little while. The arrest, as he finds out, is part of the larger plot that Shadow has accepted, but still knows little about.

Gillian Anderson returns as Media embodying David Bowie in a lecture to the always annoying Technical Boy (Bruce Langley). Later she channels Marilyn Monroe in an effort to recruit Mr. Wednesday to a “merger” with the smarmy Mr. World (Crispin Glover). As brilliant as her performances are to watch neither of her targets succumb to her charms.

Each episode expands the politics and dangers of the hidden world and builds the suspense. We know only slightly more than Shadow and identify with him at every step. He is the mostly unlikely hero, but we root for him anyway.