Underwinter #5 Review

“Music Is The Undiminished Voice Of The Divine”

There is horror in the world and there is horror inside our mind. Ray Fawkes has been giving us a macabre taste of both. His storytelling and artwork is exquisite and deliberate and oh so otherworldly. His Underwinter is insanity dribbled onto paper. The book is the visual manifestation of the mind leaking into a page as a result of the demonic forces assailing it. It is like nothing else I have ever seen. To attempt a narrative that is so out-there is a dangerous endeavor in a competitive market where meeting expectations is all that so many aspire to, but Fawkes achieves what he sets out to do.

Fawkes take the artistic approach both visually and narratively and strips away the usual preconceived notions of what a comic should be. In Part Five we get inside the head of each of the quartet and find that that landscape is as ugly and queasy as outside has been all along. We’ve been told there is a battle coming, but the battle had existed for years.

Underwinter is a slow burn subtle approach to horror that manages to create a level of unease in every frame, each drop of ink bleeding, each word a scream. This is one to be savored.

Underwinter #5
The Bottom Line
A challenging read with unique and abstract artwork, but beautiful and moving none the less.
Fawkes has the ability to establish an atmosphere of unease that cannot be escaped no matter how quickly the pages are turned.
The story can be hard to follow if read too quickly.