Underwinter #4 Review

“You Are Living In a World That Is Sicker Than You.”

Underwinter captures the best kind of menace: the horror of sickness and decay. Whether it be psychological, physical, moral or spiritual, it drips from every page and oozes from every word. Each of our players represents each of those characteristics. As we move closer to resolution, the battle will occur on both the material and ethereal planes. In the final conflict, it is art and beauty and desire and love that will hold the key. Whatever drives a person, whatever humans find truly meaningful are what makes them the most powerful against the supernatural. Will it be enough?

Fawkes is still holding out with the details about the big bad behind the spooky conspiracy and creepy mansion in. Hopefully, it will turn out to be worth the wait. Unease, distress and vague malice are hinted at around the edges, but we still do not know. And will anyone survive? Do we care?

That is the biggest flaw, as no one is particularly nice. It is hard to be sympathetic to their plight as the fall from grace was not very far and there is no likelihood of redemption in any event. Still, the pace and flow have kept a subtle level of tension all the way through and I look forward to seeing what happens next.


Underwinter #4
The Bottom Line
A very light touch slow burn of a horror story which is more squirm and nausea inducing than a fright fest.
Madness and depravity all for the sake of art and money and pleasure. What’s wrong with that?
It is time for the fireworks to start.