The washed out pastel watercolor look of Underwinter continues to enhance the mood of unreality as each of the quartet slide into the depths of the supernatural conspiracy. That is the strength of Underwinter, a manifestation of other-worldliness through simple technique. Whatever is going on might be in our world but it is not of our world and the veil between is tearing.

Underwinter #3The supernatural influence on the quartet has become more noticeable. Corben is the most far gone, but now Eleanor succumbs to her desires and suffers consequences. Stephanie is behaving oddly too, making Kendall the most stable character as of now.

The drama is unfolding slowly, exquisitely and maddeningly. Fawkes is in no hurry and continues to string the audience along in prolonged anticipation. Not only will we not get easy answers, of the few that eke through, he refuses to provide them with any urgency. We are still only getting hints about what may be building up that threatens the entire world, but the intensity ramps up week after week.

Underwinter #3
The Bottom Line
I’m enmeshed too. I’ve never seen anything like this before and I am completely taken with the restrained techniques both in illustration and narration.
Skin crawling and reality bending. It is like looking through a fog to see the unreal unfold. This far in to the series and there is no way to guess what will be revealed.
Weird and glacially slow. Don’t expect it to change.