Turok #1 Review

Okay, so I may be different than you, but when I hear Turok, I immediately return to the 90’s and can’t help but think about the Turok video games. Back in the day, I loved playing Turok, but despite the enjoyment that these particular games brought me, I haven’t picked up a Turok anything up until now. I can’t justify why I stayed away from the franchise, but I did…up until now at least. Going into my reading of this issue, I was eager to find out what I was missing after all of these years. I was looking to reconnect and have a great time with my main man Turok while he kicked some dinosaur ass. Did that happen though?

I was letdown by this book, but then again, my expectations may have been unrealistic. Turok #1 is far from a bad, or unreadable, comic but it did feel somewhat disconnected from the story throughout my read. Despite the issue starting out with a good deal of excitement, thanks to prison break of sorts, the ‘action’ scenes lacked the necessary intensity to keep my attention. Without any solid background information on any of the characters involved, nothing was at stake and I had no reason to root for Turok other than the fact that this is his series.

The series shows a great deal of promise, and I plan to continue reading, but I’m unsure of whether or not I’ll make it any further than the second issue. Time will tell.

Turok #1
The Bottom Line
Whether I went into my reading of this book with unrealistic expectations or not, this one just didn't work for me.
Who am I rooting for? Oh, right, Turok because it's his series.