Reading through Trinity Annual #1 was an epic experience that I—and fellow readers too, I’m sure—won’t soon forget. Brimming with action and emotion, Trinity Annual #1 is an intense read that’ll leave readers begging for more.

For me, the emphasis placed on the force (fate?) that binds Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman together—as well as the touching upon of the ‘evil’ trinity—is what made this comic so interesting. Early in the issue, we find Bruce, Clark, and Diana dressed down, eating a meal together as friends, and while a majority of this issue wasn’t dedicated to reminding readers to view these heroes as friends and not just costumed members of a super-team, the seed was planted and thus raised the stakes for when things took a turn for the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised by this issue’s quickened pace; this coupled with the extended ‘annual’ length made for an excellent read.

Also, a fan-favorite from the DC Universe swings by, and by swings, I mean plays a HUGE role in the issue and, perhaps, steals the show. To keep this review spoiler-free, I won’t say who the guest is, but trust me, he creates one hell of a headache.

Trinity Annual #1
The Bottom Line
Trinity Annual #1 makes for an epic read thanks to the quickened pace, added length, and high stakes.
This issue hits hard and fast
Both the art and script are packed with emotion