The Magdalena #2 Review

Meat is Murderous

The Magdalena is back with more suspense and higher stakes. Patience is getting sicker with no hope of a cure. Maya is learning but likely not fast enough, and Blackwood proves to be more powerful and devious at every turn. Apparently, any dead meat can be possessed. Who knew? How awesome is that?

What’s Magdalena #2 about? From the publisher:

“‘HOUSE OF FLIES’ Training a Magdalena brings the same agony as being one, as Patience struggles with the limits of her injuries and Maya tries to correct a dangerous mistake.”

The world needs the Magdalena more than ever and even the Church can’t be trusted. So now along with the obvious demon problems, there are pagan conspiracies within the Knights of Malta to deal with as well. Sounds fun.

Howard and Cady continue to tell a tight action packed story with depth and nuance. There is smart dialogue, humor and an interesting dynamic between both bearers of the Spear of Destiny. DiBari and Spicer match the words with bold strokes and compelling images.

Magdalena #2
The Bottom Line
The Magdalena is as exciting and subtle as it needs to be. Enough of the big picture is revealed, but the devil is in the details and those shine. Nothing says yum like a demon possession outbreak through food truck corruption.
Action Packed, Suspenseful and nuanced
Too Many Loose Threads