It should come as no surprise that All-Star Batman #11 is an amazing comic book that I highly recommend, because as of late, Scott Snyder’s work has been second to none, and in an issue like this, where he is teamed with an artist, Rafael Albuquerque, whose artwork brings scripts to life, Snyder soars miles above his competition. But that’s enough love for Scott Snyder (for now), you’re here to read about what of think of his latest work, so here it is…

This, the second part of The First Ally, was worth the wait, and thanks to yet another helping of Alfred’s backstory – as we were promised – I’m looking forward to seeing what dark corner of Alfred’s past All-Star Batman #12 will illuminate. Alfred, I believe, is a character that is often overlooked, or, taken for granted by Bat-fans, so placing his history at the forefront of this story is an interesting choice. Regardless, Alfred’s story is one of intrigue, and thus this book works well.

Batman comes face to face with a new adversary in this issue, and their clash is short but intense. To avoid spoiling the book I won’t say too much, but I will say that this issue’s ending has me feeling quite concerned about the Dark Knight’s well-being.

Man, I can’t wait for the next issue.

All-Star Batman #11
The Bottom Line
Part 2 of the First Ally story arc illuminates some of the darker corners of Alfred's past. Action-packed and emotional, this issue is yet another must-read from Scott Snyder.
A relatively Alfred-centric issue that entertains